How Gambling Addiction Affects the Family

Gambling addiction is a major problem, it does not only affect you, but it also affects the whole family and close friends around you. It can create a massive amount of tension and friction between close members of the family and friends, in a different variety of ways.

If you have children in the family, although it does not seem like it, kids have the hardest time and tend to suffer the most (If you have heard of the saying, that children see and hear everything, then it is totally true). Some children are even brought to the casino and left outside while there parents or guardians go to feed there addiction. Instead of spending there money on there children, these people would rather spend all there hard earned cash in the casino.

The spending of money is not the only devastating affect that this can have on kids, they can also suffer from other kinds of abuse such as verbal, physical and emotional. As these people tend to suffer from an enormous amount of stress, which will effectively make them angrier and more anxious.

Besides from this, another worrying aspect is the financial side of things. Basically the money that is meant to be used for food, drink, gas and other utility bills is being thwarted on this addiction. Once this money has finished the gamblers then proceed to take out loans and other financial debts, which will then accrue and the financial debt will just further pile up.

When most households declare themselves bankrupt, the usual underlying cause for this is from compulsive gamblers that live in the home. Once they have stripped the house from all of the financial assets, there is no other choice then to declare bankruptcy.

Gambling can be a very fun sport if played socially, once you feel yourself getting drawn into an addiction then you should pull back and stop. If you are already suffering this fate, then there are various classes and seminars that you can attend to help you get started on the road to recovery.

If you care about your family, you would not put them through such a heart wrenching situation, as it could also end up causing the whole family to get a crack down the middle and split apart. Diving into the deep end of the water without a family member will cause unprecedented strain on yourself which could end up causing you a variety of health problems.