By | February 23, 2018

Offering slot games is necessary for both traditional and online casinos. This casino game accounts for more than half of the revenue of every gaming operator and establishments and is expected to generate more income in the years to come.

Simple, exciting and visually appealing, slot machines have literally lord over the casino industry. It never fails to attract player, considering how easy it is to understand the whole game. Moreover, when it comes to the prizes offered, who would refuse a money pot that could be as high as a million dollar? It sounds impossible, but just take a quick look at progressive jackpots offered in online slots and you will be amazed on the size of your potential winnings.

But although slots is literally a child’s play, a decent understanding of this game could increase your winning possibilities.

There are several types of online slots offered in online casinos. First, you have the classic slots. These game features three (3) reels and is considered as the godfather of all slot machines.

Next, you have the video slots. Video slots are known for their thematic adaptations. For example, video slots such as Iron Man and The Sopranos are adapted from a popular movie and a television series.

However, video slots still have different sub-categories. You have the multi-reel slots, which feature five (5) to nine (9) slots; the multi-payline slots, which usually contain twenty-five (25) to thirty (30) paylines; the progressive, which is characterized by their progressive jackpots and the bonus type of video slots, which centers on having different bonus features.

The last type of online slots is known as the all-ways type of slots. Its distinct feature is that it no longer uses paylines to determine the winning combination. Winning patterns are immediately considered as long as the necessary symbols are adjacent to each other.

While some players to play slots in land-based casinos, the popularity of online slot gaming continues to increase and this should not come as a surprise. There are several reasons, which explain the appeal of online slot gaming.

One of these is the huge payouts. Online slot machines can generate up to 97% of payout compared to slots featured in brick and mortar casinos.

Likewise, playing online gives the player more privacy. They can play at their own pace, without having to worry about the other players. Usually, members waste a lot of time waiting for their turn when they play slots in traditional casinos. Thus, they seldom enjoy the experience. Fortunately, this dilemma is no longer experienced when online platforms are used.

Lastly, because traditional casinos can only accommodate a limited number of slot machines, one can experience more variety when playing online slots.

Considering all the benefits derived from playing slots online, there is no question that this platform, certainly gives more benefit and advantage towards players.

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